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The Town Secretary serves as the Elections Administrator for the Town. Currently the Town contracts with the Dallas County Elections Department for administration and coordination of any regular or special Town Elections. 

Town Council Elections are held annually on the second Saturday of May.

Voter registration information can be found by visiting the Dallas County Elections Department.

The Town of Sunnyvale will hold a General and Special Election on May 9, 2015. 

All General Election and Special Election voting will occur at Town Hall on the designated election and early voting days. There will be two ballots, one for the General Election and one for the Special Election. Make certain to inform the poll workers that you wish to vote in both elections.

Your vote for each of the candidates will be completed in the same fashion for each of the ballots.

General Election
The May 9, 2015, General Election will be for Mayor and Places 5 and 6 on the Town Council.  The elected officials for Places 5 and 6, shall hold their office for a period of three years from May 2015 to May 2018, and the Mayor shall hold the office for a period of two years from May 2015 to May 2017.  The following is the order in which the names shall appear on the ballot:

Ronnie Henderson Jr.
Jim Phaup

Place 5 (Uncontested):
Karen Hill

Place 6 (Uncontested):
Chris McNeill

Special Election
The Town will also hold a Special Election to fill a vacancy. Upon Ronnie Henderson Jr.'s filing as a candidate for the Mayor position, he resigned his seat in Place 3.  While Mr. Henderson will continue to serve in Place 3 until the election is final, the Council was required to order a Special Election to fill a vacancy.  To vote in the Special Election during early voting, you must vote at Sunnyvale Town Hall.  The Special Election will be on a separate ballot from the General Election, so please be sure and inform the poll workers that you wish to vote in both the general and special elections.

Place 3:
Brett Mangrum
Mark Egan

The residents of the Town of Sunnyvale elected to adopt a Home Rule Charter on May 11, 2013. Please see the FAQs and Fact Sheet for more information.