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Storm Water
The Town of Sunnyvale Public Works Dept. is asking for the citizens help in reporting pollutants in storm drains. With your help we can help prevent flooding and improve our water quality and aquatic life. These drains help remove storm water that might otherwise accumulate on these impervious surfaces and cause flooding. They almost always lead directly to local waterways, including streams, rivers, and lakes without being treated for pollutants.

Preventing Pollution
Because storm water travels across streets, driveways, yards, or parking lots before entering a drain, it can accumulate contaminants such as oil, antifreeze, gasoline, soil, litter, pet waste, yard care chemicals, and yard waste. We ask that you contact Sunnyvale Public Works if you see anything of a concern to storm water quality. With your help we can make a difference.

  • don't litter
  • avoid water runoff
  • recycle household hazardous waste
  • clean up vehicle fluids from driveways properly
  • pick up pet waste
  • use a commercial car wash
  • drain your pool into the sanitary sewer clean out

Texas SmartScape Landscape Management Program
In a region projected to have more than 10.5 million people by 2040, local municipalities are working to address water quantity and quality concerns by promoting changes in the way residents landscape.

Texas SmartScape™ is a landscape program crafted to be "smart" for North Central Texas. Based on water-efficient landscape principles, it promotes the use of plants suited to our region's soil, climate, and precipitation that don't require much—if any—additional irrigation, pesticides, fertilizer, or herbicides to thrive.

Contact Information
  • Contact: 972-226-7177
  • After Hours Contact: 972-251-0567
Johnny Meeks
Director of Public Works

Darby O'Brien
Utility Billing Clerk

Mary McGuffey
Senior Utility Billing Clerk

127 N. Collins Road
Sunnyvale, TX  75182

Ph: 972-203-4161
Fx: 972-226-1804

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.