Current Developments

The appointed Planning and Zoning Commission Members, Town Council Members, and town staff work together to approve future developments and zoning changes in the town. Projects that are currently in review that require a Public Hearing will be shown below.

Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting January 19, 2022

Case 1708-PLT Magee Trace

Hold a public hearing, discuss, consider and act upon a request to approve a residential replat of 5 lots totaling approximately 17.363 acres at the southwest corner of Collins Rd and Town East Blvd, addressed at or about 341-349 Collins Rd and 366-370 Town East Blvd to create a sixth lot with a subdivision waiver for a flag lot. Case 1708-PLT/Magee Trace.


Case 1708-PLT

Town Council Meeting January 24, 2022

Case 1720-SUD Sinyard Addition

Hold a public hearing and act upon Ordinance 2022-01 granting a Special Use Permit for an accessory dwelling unit on the property zoned Single-Family 1 (SF-1) located generally at 231 E. Fork Rd. Case 1720-Z/Sinyard Addition.